Posted on Oct 8, 2018

Food Tour In Delhi

Agra Food Walk

Oct 18, 2018 – Oct 18, 2018
Normal start time of this tour is around 16:00. It can be adjusted to some extent for private tours. Pickup and drop from hotel is provided from within Agra city. Transport from other places can be arranged on request. Average duration of the tour is 3-4 hours but can differ depending upon various factors. In this food walk, your food guide will take you to some of the oldest and most popular food places in Agra city where you'll taste dishes with recipes which have not changed in centuries.

The cuisines included in this food walk are a blend of various regions including but not limited to north Indian, Mughlai, Awadhi, Lakhnavi and street food items from various regions. The food items included may differ depending upon factors like time of day, season etc. so it' not the same every time.